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General Agriculture & Forestry proposes close-to-Nature Forestry, a business model aimed at harmonizing forestry management with the environment, wherein the overall value of forests is maximized by synergistically promoting the growth of diverse and resilient forests, self-reliant forestry management, and human resource development. To realize Close-to-Nature Forestry, we have drawn up a 60-year management plan consisting of 6-year phases, based on which we will reform the forest management system over the long term. This effort extends beyond company bounds. Together with supporters outside the company, as well as outside Japan, we will forge ahead toward an ideal future for our forests.

A look at natural forests reveals that the trees are of various species and sizes. This diversity is proof of a forest’s resistance to disease, pests, and natural disaster. Controlling light levels and otherwise tending to the forest further promotes diversity, leading to a stable management base.

A healthy business base is vital to effective forest management. We simultaneously reinforce the supply chain at all levels: production, processing, distribution, and consumption. From mass production of few items to small-scale production of many --- we aspire to forestry that generates steady long-term revenues.

Cultivating diverse, resilient forests and conducting self-reliant agriculture and forestry management on an ongoing basis calls for a steady stream of highly skilled personnel. Drawing on the Swiss human resources development model, we will systematically train universalists with a thorough hands-on approach.

The Kinshizen Forestry Society was established by supporters of the concept of close-to-nature forestry, of harmony between nature and forestry management. The society engages in information exchange regarding forest cultivation and forestry management and organizes various seminars and workshops.

Kinshizen Forestry Society

Locals know the local forest best, everywhere in the world. We have launched joint projects with the Faculty of Forestry of the National University of Laos, including compilation of tree guides and cultivation experiments. The future of Laos is our future. We will learn together and share the results with the people of Laos.

Foresters are forest management coordinators. The profession requires national qualifications in Central Europe. We study applications of the swiss foresuter training system by inviting a leading foresters from Switzerland ― the pioneer in close-to-nature forestory ― to Japan and conducting people-to-people exchanges with Swiss forester training schools.

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