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As lumber is a globally traded product, it is a matter of course for a company in forestry management to seek to expand its portfolio internationally.General Agriculture & Forestry bases its operations in Japan, where it grows high-quality forests, engages in forestry management, and develops human resources. Meanwhile, we also go overseas to learn and for other activities. Our aspiration is to diversify our operations internationally.Moreover, we promote joint projects and people-to-people exchanges with supporters from Switzerland and Laos. The future of the world’s forests is a future that we all share. By learning from one another and sharing our achievements, we will be able to cultivate forests globally, equipped at all times with solid knowledge and an optimal perspective.

Japan Laos Switzerland


Switzerland is the birthplace of close-to-nature forestry, which aspires to attain sustainable affluence by balancing environmental and social contributions with forestry management. We look up to the underlying Swiss attitude of risk management and the philosophy and wisdom of a small state that has flourished in the midst of much larger states.


The forests of Laos, whose quince and rosewood give them high potential, are the scene of our new challenge: in the face of pressure from extensive logging and plantations, we will integrate the wisdom of the people of this forest country with our knowhow to realize high value-added forest resources and the sustainable happiness of local residents.


The over 10,000 ha of forest that we manage is our home base. Japan’s forests are highly regenerative by nature, and by applying the close-to-nature forestry system that we are developing with lessons from Switzerland, we can expect great leaps forward. This effort is dynamically under progress in Miyazaki.

? Hokkaido, Tohoku

In this important region, we cultivate and utilize diverse forests of larch, Sakhalin fir, beech, mizunara (a kind of white oak), and other species, primarily in southern Hokkaido.

? Kanto, Koshinetsu

We develop effective uses of forest resources around the metropolitan area, owning and managing forests in the Izu and Boso peninsulas and elsewhere.

? Tokai

We own and manage forests in Gifu and Mie. Blessed with a wealth of broadleaf tree resources, we work to cultivate diverse, high value-added forests.

? Kinki

Kinki is one of our strongholds, where we own extensive mountain forests. Working with local forestry cooperatives, we make efficient use of matured Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress trees.

? Chugoku

We own and manage Japanese red pine woods in Hiroshima and Yamaguchi, where we engage in pine wilt control and efforts to utilize red pine and local forestry products.

? Kyushu

The 2,000 ha forest in Miyazaki is the site of grand experiments in close-to-nature forestry encompassing forest cultivation, forestry management, and human resources development. We also manufacture charcoal products as a means of business improvement.

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