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How much is your forest worth? Forest valuation answers questions like this. Forest valuation withtimber production as its main objective requires vast knowledge ofand experience with forestry technology, unlike real estate appraisalsof general residential land or land for development. At our company, technical experts with forest valuation qualificationscalculate the value of a forest objectively using desk studiesand field surveys.


We look to advance asset value while providing fresh life to the forests we all utilize.
With experience and know-how from different regions with greatly varying natural conditions, we offer forest management and operation consulting services throughout the world.


Have forests owned by business corporations been made full use to getreturn on their investments? We provide suitable methods of forest caredepending on the circumstances, and ways to use forests as the CSR activities.We would be happy to assist you as the partner for improvement your forests.


We provide our know-how for your ideal forest types and their cultivation,if you are thinking of having your own forest and starting their cultivationin the near future. For the people who are worried about getting your ownforest right now, we offer "trial forest cultivation service" that you can rentthe part of our forests and manage actual forest cultivation.We provide our service to both corporations and individuals.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

[Headquarters] +81-78-857-1018
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