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The Kinshizen Forestry Society,a voluntary study group, was established in March 2011 to apply Swiss forestry systemwhich is aim of harmony between environment and management to Japan.Head of this group is Professor Toshikuni OKAMURA at Graduate School of Hokkaido institute of Technology,Special advisor is Mr.Masatoshi YAMAWAKI,Director of Swiss Kinshizen Institute, and the staff from General Agricultureand Forestry Co.,Ltd. serve as the secretariat. There are 42 members from different types of work such as local government,forestrycooperative,forestry companies and architectures (as of January 2013). The main activities are exchanging information throughoutthe year, going to Switzerland for forestry inspection and organizing workshops and seminars in Japan.

Workshop of ecology examination for the forest workers

Workshop of ecology examination for the forest workers


Practice reading soil profiles

Tour to Switzerland,the birth place
of Kinshizen (Close-to-nature)

Today's review(Oral test)


Description of forest succession

Forest succession of river cross-section

The echogram for deciding
"suitable trees at right spots"

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