General Agriculture & Forestry of Lao and National University of Laos in Vientiane Laos (Dr.Houngphet Chanthavong,Dean) signed an agreement to make a “MOU on the joint research project” as of the 6 March 2014.


General Agriculture & Forestry of Lao that does forestry business developement in Laos,is continuing the joint research in cooperation with the  Faculty of Forestry at National University of Laos and the local people in mountain villages, because there are not enough literatures and informations  about forestry such as properties of the trees or skills to grow trees.

In 2013, “The pre-project” was carried out, and we discussed about the examination methods and contents of  the tree pictorial books. As a result of “The pre-project”, we arrived to an agreement with the joint research project(2014~2018) and signed the MOU.

This project aims at supporting  forest workers who organize a sustainable forest management in Laos. Concretely speaking, we produce the tree pictorial books with 250 sorts (trees, climbing plants, and bamboos) and we accumulate data about forest management test in 10 forested area. From the point of view of our company, we pursue the goal to make sustainable forestry management in Southeast Asia a reality.


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